Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Hidden within the Sierra Madre mountain range lies one of the most beautiful lakes on earth. Surrounded by majestic volcanoes and rich agriculture, the indigenous villages thrive here. Mayan culture is predominant and traditional clothing is still worn today. After traveling on long winding roads the lake began to make it’s presence from behind the … More Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Antigua, Guatemala

After falling asleep on the shuttle, I awoke happily thinking we had made it to our destination only to be stopped in traffic in Guatemala City. It was almost 6:30pm and we still had an hour to go before reaching our final stop. Fortunately, traffic didn’t last long and we were back on the road. … More Antigua, Guatemala

Roatan, Honduras

It’s 1:30am when I begin to hear the alarm on my phone go off. I stumbled out of my bunk with my eyes half open, grabbed my packs and walked toward the hostel bar where the shuttle would pick us up. As I am awaiting the 2:00am shuttle to La Ceiba, a few people were … More Roatan, Honduras

Volcano Boarding!

You heard right! Volcano boarding in Leon, Nicaragua has become a popular past time for both traveling gringos and locals alike. Cerro Negro or “Black Hill” is the youngest volcano in all of Central America and has erupted 23 times since it’s birth in April 1850. It rests roughly 500 meters high and is very … More Volcano Boarding!

Monteverde, Costa Rica

Tucked away in the high mountains of Costa Rica, you’ll find the small town of Monteverde. It’s home to famous cloud forests and adventure parks that attract thrill seekers and adventurers alike. Unfortunately, during my time in Monteverde, I caught a really bad cold and was bedridden most days. Nothing is worse than being sick … More Monteverde, Costa Rica