Boquete is a small sleepy town nestled in the lush highlands of Panama. Hikers and adventure seekers alike travel to this mountain town to climb the summit of the famous Vulcan Baru. Reaching over 11,000, makes it the highest elevation point in the entire country.

Local Accommodation

Boquete offers a variety of accommodation options for any traveler budget.

Hotels and Hostels
Hostal Refugio del Rio
Hostel Mamallena
Hostal Nomba Boquete
Hostal Gaia

Local Cuisine

Traditional Panamanian meals typically include meat, rice and beans with locally grown fruits and vegetables such as yucca or plantains. Sancocho, empanadas, tamales and carimanola are great traditional meals that can be found across the country. Plantains make great snacks and are grown throughout Central America and are served either baked or fried. Like any restaurant, go where the locals go!

Sugar and Spice
Big Daddy’s Grill
JuiceMi Panama
Gelateria la Ghiotta

Getting Around

One of the best ways to explore Boquete is by foot! The town is fairly small which makes walking the best option for those looking to explore the town.

Traveling between Panama City and Boquete requires a stopover in David; Panama’s second largest city. For the travelers that prefer to fly, Copa Airlines and AirPanama offer inexpensive flights between Panama City and David around 67-100 PAB/USD. For those with more flexibility, buses run from the Albrook bus terminal in Panama City every couple hours to David. After arriving in David, you will either take a bus or taxi directly to Boquete.

The Bus Schedule is a great resource for planning your travels between cities or countries throughout Central America. Enter which cities you are traveling between, departure dates and desired time and it will provide information with the transportation company, type of bus, and estimated time of arrival.

Like any city, taxis are almost always going to be the most expensive transit option, but will get you to your destination in a timely manner. Always negotiate the fare before getting into the vehicle! As a tourist, some drivers will try to charge a ridiculously high fare and get the most money they can get from you. If you have good haggling skills, you can reduce your fare by almost half the asking price. If you do not come to an agreement, you can always find another taxi.

Points of Interest
El Explorador Gardens
Caldera Hot Springs

Vulcan Baru National Park

When To Go

High season is December through March and you can expect the best and driest weather during these months. Low season is April through November and you can expect occasional rain showers. Panama is a great destination to travel year round.