First day in Panama

We made it to Panama! Happy Independence (from Spain) Day! We arrived into Panama City around 2:30pm and took a taxi to our hostel in Casco Viejo where we’ll be staying the next few nights. Once all of us got settled in our dorm, we decided to walk the town and explore a bit before … More First day in Panama

LUSH Cosmetics

If you’re looking for a great travel companion for both your hair and body, look no further! LUSH Cosmetics is an Eco-friendly company that focuses on handmade all natural products that are 100% vegetarian. They believe in using sustainable ingredients and using less packaging and recycled materials for their products. LUSH has created a wide … More LUSH Cosmetics

Central America

This winter I will be packing my bags here in Key Largo, Florida and make my way to Central America. We’ll be starting this trip in Panama and will be making my way through Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and of course, Belize. The first stop on this trip in Panama City, Panama. … More Central America

To the people who always want to be somewhere else

This is for the people who can’t sit still. Not in a literal, physical sense but in the intangible, universal scheme of things. This is a tribute to the people who are eternally focused on the next place, the next move, the next destination that will entice and compel them once they’ve tired of where … More To the people who always want to be somewhere else