When I first moved to Denver back in 2010, I was excited to pack up my life and start fresh in the Mile High City. Being in my first apartment, I had bought myself all new furniture and all the furnishings I could have ever wanted. After each lease, I would pack up my belongings and move into a new apartment in a different neighborhood within the city.

One summer I hit rock bottom and was without a job or a place to live. Fortunately, I was able to couch surf for several months until I was able to get back on my feet again. I was living out of my backpack and whatever items I had in the trunk of my car. During those several months, it made me realize that I didn’t need material items, a stable home or job to make me happy. That summer was difficult for me, but the experiences I had and shared were some of the best that I will remember for a lifetime. I had gained so much from having so little those few months and found happiness again.

The last few months that I was living in Denver, I was given an opportunity that would change my life forever. Never would I have ever imagined myself living in the Florida Keys pursuing my career as a dive professional. I had gone into work that night and told my manager that it was going to be my last night; I was going to get promoted that night too. The next few days I collected just about everything I had owned and pulled it all into the back alley for people to come pick up. If it didn’t fit into the trunk of my car, I didn’t take it.

From that moment on, I decided to only make room for the things that I needed with me. Being able to pack up and go is a liberating and terrifying experience, but a well worth one. Choosing to live a minimalist lifestyle isn’t easy and I’m not saying it’s for everyone, but I encourage you to challenge yourself. Enrich your life with experiences and memories rather than temporary ones.

I now live in the Florida Keys working as a dive instructor and teaching individuals about the vast beauty of our oceans and their inhabitants. You can find me in my underwater office during the summer months and exploring other parts of the world during the winter.

Traveling has opened up a completely new world for me and that’s why I’ve chosen to dedicate my life to explore it. During my travels I hope to learn more about my truest self and to gain a greater knowledge of the beauty within the world. There’s too much to see in this world to stay in one place forever. I’ll travel the world and let my heart guide me.