Diving Blue Heron Bridge

We finally decided to dive the Blue Heron Bridge up near Riviera Beach this past Thursday. We drove up from Key Largo and got to the bridge in time for slack high tide around 11:25am. I’ve heard there are two areas of the bridge you can dive. We followed the “snorkelers trail” and waded in towards the main part of the bridge. As soon as we got in we saw an old boat that had become an artificial reef for coral and other inhabitants. I saw one of the biggest coral banded shrimp I’ve ever seen on the boat! Justin spotted a sharptail eel and I nearly blew through a couple hundred psi I was so excited. There were quite a few species we weren’t familiar with that you don’t see in the Keys which was fun. The water under the bridge is a bit hazy but is definitely worth checking out. I would plan on bringing a good dive light for underneath the bridge since it’s pretty dark. Even if you’re not a diver, there’s snorkeling along the beachfront. It was a great dive and I would recommend anyone to go and check it out! Check with the local shops or the tide charts to see what time the tides are before you go.

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