LUSH Cosmetics

Cosmetics company, Lush has won a significant trademark infringement action in the High Court againsIf you’re looking for a great travel companion for both your hair and body, look no further! LUSH Cosmetics is an Eco-friendly company that focuses on handmade all natural products that are 100% vegetarian. They believe in using sustainable ingredients and using less packaging and recycled materials for their products. LUSH has created a wide variety of handmade goods to suit any body or hair type.


angel on bare skinAngels on Bare Skin is one of my favorite cleansers that I’ve used thus far. It’s made of kaolin clay, ground almonds, lavender and other essential oils. It’s not like your typical facial cleanser; instead of using plastic micro-beads, it uses ground almonds to cleanse the skin. You can feel just how soft your skin is as soon as you wash the cleanser off. It comes in either 3.4oz or 8.4oz. 3.4oz is the easiest to travel with. The container is small, easy and secure so you don’t have to worry about it leaking in your pack.

mask of magnamintyMask of Magnaminty is fun face and body mask. Not only does it smell great, but works fabulously too. This fresh face mask contains Chine clay, peppermint, aduki beans and other natural ingredients. They’ve also added vanilla absolute to calm redness and honey to help sooth the skin. Great face and body mask to use weekly to get deep into the skin. It comes in 4.4oz or 11.1oz containers. The 4.4oz is the easiest to keep in your pack and the container is tight and secure.

celestial lotionCelestial facial moisturizer is great after using either the cleanser or face mask. The main ingredients used are cocoa butter, vanilla water, almond milk, and orchid extract. It’s a very light cream and is very gentle on the face. What better scent combination that cocoa butter and orchid; it’s heaven in a tiny black container! It comes in a 1.5oz container and is very travel friendly.

lushShampoo and conditioner bars are a good alternative to liquid soaps. There’s a wide variety of shampoo bars for every hair type. Some of my favorites are Jason and the Argon Oil, Godiva, Karma Komba and Jungle. They can last up to 80 washes! You can also get shampoo bar tins to store your bars whenever you’re traveling between destinations.



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