Flight Sites and Tricks

Let’s be honest, everybody is always looking for better ways to keep some money in their pockets when it comes to purchasing flights. It feels like almost every major airline out there is trying to reap you of all your hard earned dollars. Whether it’s paying for your luggage (even if it’s just a carry-on) to the seat you select on the plane. There are quite a few flight friendly sites out there to help make sure you get the best and most cost effective flight. I check each of these sites before I purchase any domestic or international flight.




Helpful Tricks

  • While looking for flights, be sure to clear your cookies. Airlines use cookies to identify your computer and watch for your upcoming flights. They will keep track of the flights you search on the web knowing that you might be willing to pay a little bit more for them. For example, if you’re looking for a flight to Denver from Ft. Lauderdale, it will trace that flight and will mark up the price each time you return to that airline site.
  • Any time you look at an airline site, go “Incognito.” This hides your computer from the airlines tracing any of your information. This way, you should get the same price each time you return to airline site.
  • Some studies have found that purchasing flights on Tuesdays around 3:00pm are the best time to buy.
  • If you’re flexible during your travels, the cheaper flights will typically be the early morning flights or late in the evenings.
  • Shoulder seasons are a great time to travel. It might not be the ideal weather during your stay but you’ll save some money in the long run.
  • Purchasing last minute tickets is a great way to get cheap flights. Airlines tend to send notifications via email of deals they have going on for certain flights that have not booked up.
  • Become a frequent flyer! Becoming a frequent flyer to one or multiple airlines could save you some money down the road. Once you get enough points, you get free flights! If you fly quite a bit, I’d recommend signing up to your favorite airline.
  • Sign up for an airline credit card. Just about every major airline has a credit card to earn frequent flyer points while you spend. I’ve earned quite a few flights just from using my credit card!

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